Entering Scores

For those participating in the handicap program with a GHIN Number, please don’t forget to post all acceptable scores before midnight local time on the day of play.  You can enter scores in GHIN in two ways:

  • GHIN mobile app (Installing the GHIN mobile app on your phone is recommended and is most convenient)
  • GHIN website http://www.ghin.com

See PDF below for more details.

GHIN Issues - Score Entry

If you are having issues with GHIN, you can email your gross score by hole to rhgchandicaps@gmail.com.   We will enter your score and then follow-up with you on the issues you are having. You must email the following:

Name GHIN # Number of Holes Tees Played Date Played


Hole Gross Score Hole Gross Score


2   11  
3   12  
4   13  
5   14  
6   15  
7   16  
8   17  
9   18  
Front 9   Back 9