Leaving RHGC

Sorry to that you are leaving RHGC. Hopefully the below will make your transition a little easier.


Membership fees are non-refundable.

Green Fees

If you have paid for your green fees in full, you will be entitled for a refund which will be pro-rated. To claim your refund, you will need to visit the Starter and take with you your Aramco ID and “End of Service” letter which can be obtained from your HR Departure Representative.

Cart Sheds

Cart Sheds are non-refundable

As per the Cart Shed Rental Agreement that you signed, it is your responsibility to relinquish the cart shed back to RHGC.  Relinquishing a cart shed includes:

  1. Vacating the cart shed before your final departure date OR when you have sold your golf cart.
  2. Emptying and cleaning the cart shed.  The cart shed must be given back in the condition that it was given to you.  Any items that you do not require must be trashed / removed and NOT left in the cart shed.
  3. Return the key to the Pro Shop and collect your SAR 100 key deposit.

Please note that cart sheds are not transferable to the member who purchased your golf cart

If you do not return your shed key and the new owner of your golf cart is still parked illegally in the shed, then all items, including the golf cart will be removed immediately upon your departure.

GHIN Membership

For all RHGC members that leave during the year, your annual RHGC membership dues include GHIN and we are billed by GHIN for the full year.   Your GHIN account will remain active until the remainder of the year that you exit, but you will need to transfer to your Home Club if they are on the GHIN System.  RHGC handicap director will email you when your GHIN account is made inactive along with an extract of your GHIN scoring record.   Once you have joined another authorized Club, and have designated your new Club as your “home Club” in GHIN, your new Home Club will then assume responsibility for managing your handicap.  Your historical records will still be available in the GHIN system, so you will just need to use your same GHIN #.   If your new Club is not on GHIN or you have any questions after leaving RHGC, please email rhghhandicaps@gmail.com.