Garmin Launch Monitor

The RHGC Board is thrilled to announce the arrival of a Garmin Launch Monitor at Rolling Hills, available to rent for use at the driving range. The cutting-edge technology provides detailed insights into your swing, helping you improve your game like never before.


Procedure for 45-Minute Allocation of RHGC Launch Monitor

Booking and Set Up Process:

  • Log in to the RHGC ForeTees mobile app using your registered account credentials
  • Navigate to the section for booking facilities/services
  • Select the option for " Launch Monitor"
  • Acknowledge fee structure and acceptable use declaration
  • Choose the date and time slot for your 45-minute session
  • Ensure you have sufficient funds within your RHGC Member Proshop account
  • 30SAR will be automatically deducted from your RHGC Member Proshop account on the day of your booking
  • Download the Garmin Golf App to your mobile device prior to attending the RHGC facility for your session

            Garmin Golf App

  • Create a Garmin Golf account prior to attending the RHGC facility for your session
  • Please note that the Garmin Launch Monitor is not to leave the RHGC grounds


  • The fee for a canceled session the day of your booking is nonrefundable. However, the fee will be put forward for the next session booked


  • Arrive at RHGC at least 10 minutes before your scheduled session
  • Check in at the RHGC Proshop to confirm your booking
  • Provide your booking reference or identification to the staff member on duty
  • Collect the launch monitor

Session Setup:

  • Connect to the launch monitor by Bluetooth to your mobile device
  • Ensure the launch monitor equipment is calibrated properly before starting your session
  • Verify that all safety precautions are in place and that the area is clear of obstructions

Session Utilization:

  • Use the 45-minute allocation effectively for swing analysis or practice drills
  • Adjust your technique or equipment based on the feedback provided by the launch monitor.      

Check-Out and Feedback:

  • As the end of your session approaches, wrap up your activities and prepare to return the launch monitor to the RHGC Proshop
  • Once your 45-minute session is complete, check out at the RHGC Proshop and hand back the launch monitor to the ProShop        

Penalty Fee:

  • Should the Member fail to return the launch monitor prior to the RHGC Proshop closure, an additional fee of 100 SAR will be deducted from the RHGC Members Proshop account, and may lead to a suspension from using the launch monitor