Special Group Requests


To provide a better golfing experience for its members, the RHGC Board of Directors have instituted three new programs.


Weekly Group Coordinators


If you play in a weekly golf group, you can request that a member of your group be designated as a Weekly Group Coordinator. The Weekly Golf Group Coordinator will be given rights in ForeTees to manipulate golfers within an already assigned/booked tee times for their group. This privilege does not allow for the booking of tee times. Weekly Group Coordinator shall not share the login credentials with others in the group. The misuse of login credentials (e.g., login used to book t-times, sharing credentials, etc.) could result in the loss of privileges and a suspension of golfing privileges.

To qualify, Groups should meet the burden of:

  • Regular “weekly” play – minimum 3 times a month
  • Majority of golfers must be RHGC Members
  • Average 5+ tee times for regular “weekly” play

Group coordinators should complete the Weekly Golf Coordinator Form and send it to the RHGC President to request this privilege. The President will discuss with the RHGC Executive to approve or reject the request. 


RHGC Member Hosted Tournaments


RHGC members are now able to “host” their own tournaments. Upon approval by the RHGC Tournament Director, a set of tee times will be blocked off in ForeTees for the members’ tournament. Below are the following guidelines to host a members’ tournament.

  • Application must be made at least 1 month prior to host tournament
  • Cannot conflict with any RHGC events
  • Group must be defined so not to be abused
    • E.g., Group “A” changes its name to Group “B” to make additional bookings
  • Tournament must have at least 36 golfers (9 tee times)
    • Tentative player list must be submitted
  • All golfers must be RHGC members
  • Maximum tournaments held per year is 2.
  • Tee times to be held will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. For example:
    • Thursday evenings
    • Weekends after the morning cross over or 10:30am
    • Must be on a weekend with no club Tournaments (i.e., can’t hold on Friday if MM is on Saturday)
  • RHGC Tournament Director has the sole authority to approve/refuse request

 Members interested in hosting a member tournament should complete the Member Hosted Tournament Form and email it to the Tournament Director.


VIP Golfer

Members request for VIP Guests to play at Rolling Hills Golf Course

Saudi Aramco Recreation Services may authorize free golf for VIP requests from RHGC Members; please see Saudi Aramco Recreation Manual Section 4.6 (Grass Course).

The RHGC Executive Board is the first approver of the Member request; after assessment, all Board approvals are passed to Recreation Services for their consideration; due to an increase in demand of this policy, please note, all forms must be submitted five (5) business days prior to the date you wish to play.  In the case of foreign dignitaries, the sponsoring RHGC Member must include, as part of the initial application to the Board, the written pre-approval letters from Saudi Aramco Corporate Affairs, and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

DEFINITION OF VIP:  Executives e.g. CEO, Snr VP, VP or CFO, from energy companies, vendors and service companies, Professionals from other golf courses, and foreign dignitaries. Please note it does not include casual friends, relatives, or personal visitors.

Please download the PDF from the below attachment, or contact Kevin Capstick (Club Secretary) for any additional information on this matter.