Flighted Match Play

All Players are seeded on the single elimination competition ladder based on handicap at date of preparation. There are three (3) flights.

Booking in Foretees

  • Tee times must be booked as “REG” and all match play matches must be played as 18-hole rounds, not two separate 9-hole rounds.  Matches can start on either front 9 or back 9, however, the default starting hole should be hole 1.
  • Players are expected to make themselves available to play matches during the weekends.
  • Players should email Match Play Coordinator in advance the date of their scheduled match.   

Flights & Handicaps

  • All players are seeded within their flights based on their handicaps on January 1st.  All matches are played off scratch (i.e. there are no strokes given to any player)
  • There are 3 flights, with estimated ranges as follows:
    • A Flight:            0 – 13
    • B Flight:           14 – 18
    • C Flight:           19+
  • A Flight Men will play from the Blue Tees, A Flight Ladies will play from the White Tees.
  • B and C Flight Men will play from the White tees, and Ladies B and C flights will play from the Red Tees.

Flights HC Example:

  • Two competitors in “B” Flight decide to play their match one afternoon. Player 1 has a GHIN handicap index of 16.5, which translates into a tournament course handicap of 18, and Player 2 has a GHIN handicap index of 13.9 which translates into a tournament course handicap of 15. BOTH competitors will play off scratch (0) since strokes are not given in Flighted Match Play competitions.

Handicap Changes:

The Flighted Match Play ladders have been constructed using current handicaps at the time of registration. It is expected that handicaps will change throughout the season and in most cases these will not affect the standings within the flights. Where a players’ handicap has been adjusted to the point that they no longer fall within their original allotted flight, the following ruling has been passed by the Tournament Committee.

  • Where a player’s handicap does not fall within the original allotted flight the following rule will apply:
    • The Player whose handicap has moved down will stay playing in the original flight but will give strokes to their opponents calculated on the differential between their current playing handicap and the lowest playing handicap in the flight.  Example: Player X who was originally in B Flight (13 -18) and at the time of playing the match has a playing handicap of 10, will have to give his opponent 3 strokes (13-10=3).
    • The Player whose handicap has moved up will continue to play in the original allotted flight but will not be granted strokes by their opponent.


For members playing in the Match Play Events (Singles, Flighted, or Team), please review and adhere to the following regarding entering scores for your Match Play rounds.

Use of Golf Genius for Hole-by-Hole Scoring

  • The Golf Genius Mobile App scoring feature must be used for scoring your matches.  This will allow the system to automatically update the results and the brackets so if you progress to the next round you'll know who to contact for scheduling your next match.
    • In the event there are technical issues, players should use a hardcopy scorecard.  At the conclusion of the round, all players must sign the scorecard and attach scanned copy when reporting match result (see below).
  • All holes should be scored in the following fashion: 
    • All holes should have an actual score entered for each player which reflects the actual score made during the match play round until the match is over.  Once a player wins the hole there should not be any additional strokes made by the opponent after the stroke that resulted in losing the hole.  In this case enter “most likely score”.  For example, enter X6 if most likely score is 6.  The “X” by itself should not be used to enter any scores.
    • If your match ends before the completion of all 18 holes, and all the players agree to continue to play, the actual scores must be posted on every hole played.  If the players do not play the remaining holes, leave the remaining holes not played with “no score/blank”, this will ensure net par is recorded for handicap purposes when scores are pushed. 
    • If your match is tied after 18 holes, ties will be settled by a sudden death playoff using as many extra holes as required for the match to be won.  Extra holes should start on the same hole the match started on, however, in the event you finish the regular match under lights on hole 9, you can go back to hole 1 to commence the extra holes.
  • If a match has been conceded or forfeited an email must be sent to the Match Play Coordinator.

Immediately After Match – Validate Scores in GG App and Report Result

  • After the match is over, and before you leave the course, players in the match should review the hole-by-scores entered in GG app together for accuracy.
  • One player from the match must email results to Handicap Director & Match Play Coordinator with:
    • Date of match
    • Singles, Flighted or Team
    • Name of winner and result - for example “March 1, Flighted - B, John Doe 5&4 starting from 1st tee”
  • Do not enter any scores into GHIN, the Handicap Director will push scores from GG to GHIN after review.  These scores will be denoted as score type “C” (Competition) in GHIN.
  • Final results and the overall brackets are available on the Event Portal under Results > Tournament Results.


  • Disputes should be handled during the round where possible by the players involved, with reference to the Rules of Golf 20.1b.
  • If no agreement is reached, the matter should be promptly reported to Match Play Coordinator, who will review with Match Play Committee. Their decisions are final and binding.
  • Where a match is played and concluded and players return to the clubhouse and report results, the match results remain as agreed at that time. This includes situations where there is a later dispute as to one player utilizing an incorrect handicap or where a rules infraction is recognized at a later time.


  • All matches of the competition must be played by the completion play-by dates published in Golf Genius. Requests to extend “play-by dates” will not be entertained by the Match Play Coordinator.  Players who fail to schedule a match or make other arrangements prior to the posted deadline are subject to disqualification.
  • It is the responsibility of both teams/players on the ladder to contact and arrange the match with their competitor for the current round.  DO NOT wait for your opponent to contact you, contact your opponent as soon as pairings are assigned.
  • Regardless of work, health, vacation or any other reason, the player/team that did not effectively coordinate the scheduling of the match will be disqualified and be removed from the competition.  If both players/teams have not completed the scheduled match by the play-by date without any effective communication between both sides, both teams/players will be disqualified and be removed from the competition. 
    • Effective communication is communication that is initiated early in the round and not left until the last 2-3 weeks to organize.
  • The Match Play Coordinator's decision will be considered FINAL on all scheduling issues.
  • As soon as you have a match date scheduled, email the date to the Match Play Coordinator.  This also helps with ensuring handicaps are updated.
  • If you have any questions, or for scheduling conflicts, please contact the Match Play Coordinator.


USGA Rule 3.2 Match Play will define all rules in the Competition.

Match Play during Stroke Play Rounds

As per USGA & R&A Committee Procedure, Section 6C (11), combining match play and stroke play is discouraged as certain rules are substantially different between the two forms of play.  However, to help players with scheduling their match play matches, the Match Play Coordinator will allow players to play their match play match during scheduled competition stroke play rounds (i.e. Monthly Medal).  When a match play match is scheduled while competing in a stroke-play competition, apply the rules for stroke play. For example, no concessions are allowed and if one player plays out of turn, the other does not have the option of recalling the stroke (i.e. to be played over again in the correct playing order).