Eid Eclectic

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If you are planning to be in Dhahran over the Eid, I would encourage you to play in the Eid Eclectic Tournament.  The Eid Eclectic is a unique tournament that is played over multiple days that results in a single 18-hole score per player. Between April 9th and April 14th, golfers schedule their own rounds and manually record their scores for each round that they play.  From each day that a golfer plays, their best score on a hole is will be recorded for the tournament. At the end of each day, the tournament committee will be enter all golfers’ daily scores into Golf Genius. Every round a golfer plays, they try to improve their score on a hole in order to lower their total eclectic score.  One can track progress via the Leaderboard on the Golf Genius app. At the end of the week, the lowest score for each hole is automatically determined by Golf Genius and that's a golfer’s eclectic score.

A maximum of six rounds can be played during the week. You also do not need to play all six days; if you can only play three days that’s OK.  However, you can only  declare one round a day for your eclectic score.  All rounds must be played with another person who can sign the score card to attest the scores.

To find out more information, or to register, click here.