Book Tee Times

Online Tee Booking

Members have the privilege of online tee bookings and event signup.

To book a tee time, go to and login using your RHGC membership number as the user name. The initial login password default is your last name. From the website, members can view current tee times, make reservations up to 4 days in advance, and manage existing personal  bookings.  Please note any booking in which the member's name appears and can be managed by that member regardless of whether the member made the initial booking.  Please note, you’ll still be able to phone the starters to make a booking.

Tee Time Ownership

The first golfer to book a tee time is considered the owner of that tee time. As such, they have the option of reserving all the slots in the tee time. The reserved slots will remain reserved until 48 hours prior to the tee time booking. A golfer wishing to reserve the other slots in a booking should fill up the open slots by using the designated X on the tee-sheet. See below for examples.

Legacy View:

Modern View:

The reserved slots in the tee-time will remain blocked until 48 hours prior to tee time booked after which the slots will be automatically be released for others. At any time during the blocked period, the owner can replace a reserved X spot with another golfer. If you do not use this feature to reserve tee-times slots, the remaining slots can be taken by anyone at anytime. Note: this feature will only be available if there is more than 48 hours until the tee time. For example, bookings made on the same day of the tee time will not have this option available.

If you're not going to make your booked tee time, please remember to go online and cancel your booking, or call the starters to cancel, before your scheduled tee time.

What about multiple people booking at the same time?

The online tee sheet system opens similar to the phone lines.  At 7:00am each day, you can make reservations for that day plus four days in advance.  At the instant you click on a  time, the application holds that slot for 6 minutes so that you can make your booking.  If multiple people click on that time at the same instant, the system locks that time for the user who the system registers first via the millisecond.  The application will inform you if the booking time has been locked and will offer you the next immediate time.

How many bookings can I make?

As now, you can only make one tee time per day, up to one foursome. We operate under a four day advance booking.


If you find trouble accessing a particular tee time sheet, 1) make sure the date is within the four day advanced booking period and 2) refresh the screen.

Who to contact

Please contact the Clubhouse or Membership Director if you have questions, concerns or constructive advice.

Good golfing!